Param Exports offers a variety of perfectly matched diamond pairs in many shapes, colors and sizes. The perfect matched diamonds will have two stones of the same size, cut and color as well as same base length and gridle. We carry a wide range of matching pairs in diferent shapes like Half moon, Trapezoid, Shield, Kite, Bullet and other customized cut based on requirement. Our matching pairs are most comonly used as side stones to compliment center stones. They enhance the brilliance and more sparkly effect to a larger central stone when mounted in a ring or other jewelry masterpieces.

Shape Half moon, Trapezoid, Shield, Kite, Cadillac, Epaulete, Cushion, etc
Size 0.15 pointers to 1ct up
Color D - Z, LB, TTLB, LC, TTLC and fancy colors
Clarity IF to I3